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About Gold Events USA




Precious Metals stable and climbing Gold Events USA is owned by and operated by Craig Hunter and Bob Hudson who have more than 10 years experience in the Precious Metals industry. 

Gold Events USA has achieved and maintained the highest level of integrity with our customers and the Better Business Bureau is evidence of this. Our Mission is to provide our customers with a safe and secure way to sell their Precious Metals; while building lasting relationships.

Gold Events USA also is known nationally as GEUSA; Craig and Bob are the number one buyers of Precious Metals and committed to providing a safe and secure means for our customers to sell their Precious Metals. Many times our customers have a large amount of Gold or Precious Metals in their possession and are uneasy about traveling with them.

As business owners Craig and Bob feel that they have a responsibility to provide services that exceeds the customary “we buy gold” service. GEUSA is the only Mobile Gold Buyers service willing to come to your home to consult with you about your Precious Metals.

GEUSA provides our customers with Mobile Gold Buyers service, a service is to ensure a secure transaction when selling your Gold and Precious Metals.

Our Mobile Gold Buyers service is free of charge. One of our team members from our Mobile Gold Buyers will come right to your home or office to evaluate your Precious Metals reducing any uneasiness a customer might have transporting their Precious Metals.

The process to sell your Precious Metals is easy as 1- 2 -3.

1. Simply call 877-385-0001 to set up your private appointment, one of our Mobile Gold Buyers certified team member will come out to your designated meeting place.

2. We will evaluate your Precious Metals

3. We pay you Cash for Gold and Precious Metals.

Maybe you live in a remote area where our Cash for Gold Online program might be the answer for you. Cash for Gold Online is a new way to make money; it just takes a minute to request our Mail in Gold Secure Pack. Once you have sent in the Mail in Gold Secure Pack, we will confirm with you that your Secure Pack that contains your Mail in Gold has arrived. The next step is we will evaluate the Secure Pack that contains your Mail in Gold and then offer you Cash for Gold at the current market value or as it is referred to in the business the current spot price.

Do you need more information regarding our Mail in Gold Secure Pack Program? Please feel free to view our detailed information on our Mail in Gold Secure Pack on our FAQ page.

Craig and Bob also believe in sharing the wealth and provide a “Business in a Box”, a system that will allow you to join the thousands who are making money buying Precious Metals. This system will give you a play by play of how to buy and to authenticate the Precious Metals and how to find refineries who will melt the them.

This system will also teach you how to become Mobile Gold Buyers, and how to operate a Mail in Gold system and how to pay Cash for Gold. The added bonus to this system is teaching you how to have associates under you Hosting Gold Parties as well as offer Fundraising opportunities. These bonuses will add more increase in your profits. This Business in a Box system is for anyone who wants to the have freedom to make your own hours so you can spend time with the family, travel and make money.

A message from Craig and Bob, “You are our #1 PRIORITY”, “We value every customer and our business is more than buying Precious Metals; it is about building lasting relationships and ensuring that our transaction is done safely. We are here to not only providing a service but to help solve problems such as if you’re not sure what you have is a real Precious Metal. Call us we will be more than happy to evaluate it for you”.


Craig Hunter
Bob Hudson